Commercial/Industrial Reduce and Rebate

We all want to use less where we can.
Let us help you use significantly less natural gas and lower your monthly bill!

SourceGas makes improving your bottom line is easier than you think. When you have any of the eligible energy-efficienct measures listed below installed at your facility, you’ll not only improve efficiency and reduce energy costs, but also earn rebates to help offset the cost of upgrades.

Last year, our customers received over $350,000 in rebates - we want you to receive a portion of that this year. Funding is limited for 2013; schedule your qualifying energy-efficient equipment installation with a contractor today!

Saving energy is a good deal. Savings money while you do it? That’s excessively excellent.

Rebate request forms are available here.

Water Heating Rebates
Tankless Water Heater 0.82 EF or higher $500
Condensing Tank Type Water Heater 90% TE or higher $500
Storage Tank Water Heater
(Not Available for Commercial
Customers in Fayetteville)
0.62 EF or higher $50
Heating Equipment Rebates
Natural Gas Forced-Air Furnace 90% - 94.9% AFUE $400
Natural Gas Forced-Air Furnace 95% AFUE or higher $600
Hydronic Heating System 82% AFUE or higher $500
Commercial Cooking Equipment Rebates
High Efficiency Combi Oven ENERGY STAR®* or
Food Service Technology
Center** qualified
High Efficiency Conveyor Oven $1,000
High Efficiency Convection Oven $400
High Efficiency Rotating Rack Ovens $1,500
High Efficiency Fryer $500
Commercial /Industrial Heating Equipment Rebates
High Efficiency Commercial Boiler 84% - 93.9%
Combustion Efficiency
High Efficiency Commercial Boiler >94% Combustion
Burner Replacement (6 Step
modulation or fully modulating)
Boiler Reset Controls   $150 per system
Boiler Cut Out Controls   $150 per system
Boiler Vent Damper   $400 per system

Next Steps ...

  • Schedule your qualifying energy-efficient heating and/or water heating equipment installation with a local, partnering contractor.
  • Fill out a rebate form and mail it along with the paid invoice/receipt for your qualifying equipment to:
    Excess Is Out
    2434 East Joyce Blvd/ Ste 6
    Fayetteville, AR 72703

Please allow 4-8 weeks for your rebate request to be processed.

You may inquire about your rebate by calling: 1-855-350-1563

Upon verification... You will automatically receive your rebate check.*

* All rebates subject to Program Guidelines. Qualifying equipment must be installed by a licensed contractor and in accordance with applicable federal and state codes.

*Rebates for high efficiency boilers are for new boiler equipment no more than 12.5 MMBTU in a space heating application only. For larger units, or those used in process applications, contact SourceGas at 479-582-7852. Rebate amount not to exceed 25% of the equipment cost.

*Rebates for modulating boiler burner and vent damper not to exceed 25% of the equipment and installation cost. Rebates for controls not to exceed equipment cost.

* Rebate qualifications and amounts are subject to change. Rebate funds are limited. Completed rebate forms will be processed in the order in which they are received. SourceGas Arkansas Rebate programs may be cancelled or changed at any time.


Rebate request forms are available here.

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